SEO, a long-lasting way to increase traffic

Being visible on the internet is as important for big companies as for smaller ones.
can take more time than SEA, but is long-lasting and needs to be measured.

You can have the most beautiful website ever, if no one can find you on Google, you will soon be forgotten.

In 2016, Google changed its algorithms over 1600 times. It is thus necessary to follow its changes closely.

SEO in numbers


of online experiences start on search engines

of SEO leads end up in conversions

of users ignore commercial links


of local searches end up in stores


of users don’t go beyond the 1st results page of Google


of mobile searches bring an offline purchase

What's SEO, or Search Engine Optimization ?

seo - cecseo - algorithmes

Optimizing your website for Search Engines means setting up a whole bunch of techniques that will allow Google to better understand your field of activities, whether it’s a product, services, a blog or an informational website.
Give your company credibility and an overall consistency to Google!

The aim is to give Google as many information as possible : the more the Search Engine will understand what you are talking about, the better he will position your website on precise and qualified requests.

We will need to work on :

  • The website’s structure and architecture
  • The title tags
  • Meta tags in general
  • The creation of a good and interesting content
  • The use of good keywords
  • The images and their tags …



Technical optimizations

Your website should be SEO friendly : the structure of the code must be easily understandable by anyone. We need to find proper URLs, titles of pages, proper H1, H2 tags, as well as ALT tags for images or meta tags, and so on. Your website needs to be mobile-friendly as well, as it is one of the current ranking factors for Google. ​


The content must be qualified and user-oriented. Adding bad quality content won’t be of any use in your SEO strategy. You must rethink what your target needs.


The aim is to increase the number of qualified backlinks leading to your website.These backlinks will give more consistency to your website. The link building strategy has to be coherent with your global thematic and needs to be closely monitored : If you do it the wrong way, you might get a Google penalty.