SEA, or how to get qualified traffic quickly

Google AdWords can be a powerful tool to gain traffic. If you want this traffic to be qualified and profitable for your activity, you will need to think deeply about it.

What's the difference between SEO and SEA ?

The difference lies in the fact that SEO is considered to be “free”: you don’t need to spend money for a particular product, BUT you need time, technical knowledge, expertise and patience to do it. You can easily detect a Google AdWords link thanks to the small “ad” text written next to the URL.
Google adwords exemple

What is SEA ?

Adwords ICONE - SEA
SEA (Search Engine Advertising) consists in placing bids on keywords.Depending on the campaign you choose, you will appear :
  • In the Display network : Your ads will be sent to Google websites or Google partners and will appear as rich content ads.
  • In the Search network : You will have to buy keywords, that will make you appear directly under the search bar on Google.
  • In both of them.

AdWords is the fastest way to gain traffic on your website, but many companies spend a lot of money in non-efficient campaigns.

You will have to optimize your Adwords campaigns, think about your target, your keywords, optimize your budget … because Google doesn’t only take the bid amount in account.

The order of appearance on Google also depends on the “Quality Score” of your ad, itself depending on 3 factors :

  • The relevancy of your ad
  • The estimated CTR (Click Through Rate)
  • The relevancy of the landing page

    Google also takes into account the ad format.If you don’t know how to do you AdWords campaign, send us a quick e-mail, we can help you !

    You can also follow one of our training courses to learn how to do it in a proper way.

SEA Icone - quality score google - référencement payant